Tuesday, August 26, 2008

bat-tastic? not so much.

it appears that i am living in some sort of a weird dimension, a bat vortex if you will. case in point: it started a couple of weeks ago when we went to a few of the ohio zoo's-cleveland, akron and cincinnati. there were bats all up in those places and i refused to look at them while dh was taking pics. we went to my mom's house and were outside on her deck in the evening, so were about 20 bats. another day we were outside at dusk, walking through an old graveyard no less, and there were a ton of bats flying really close. then the bat in our house. the very next day we were eating at a restaurant (i won't give names but it's known by it's initials. there are 4 of them. the first one is a t and the last one is an f.) anyway, i ordered broccoli cheese soup and a strawberry fields salad. i had taken about 5 bites of soup when i found a black feather floating in it. probably from a motherfucking bat.
so, who ever cursed me, please remove it. or destroy the voo-doo doll of me w/ paper bats glued all around it.

also as a side note - the restaurant we were eating at? with the bat fur? yeah, so i sent the soup back and told them i didn't want any more soup or the salad for that matter b/c i was so grossed out. the manager then comes over and says he's sorry and all that crap and then says "oh, i went ahead and took those items off of your bill." um, you sure as hell better have. are you kidding me? he acted like he was doing us a huge favor. he's lucky i didn't go bat shit crazy on him. no? too much? yea, you're probably right.

other disgusting things i have found in food over the years-
chicken feather
fly (underneath a piece of baked chicken skin)
grasshopper (in green beans)
hair (in one restaurant i found a total of 3. and they were all different)

i'm sure there is more. i just blocked them out b/c of the severity of the disgustingness. and, i'm not even an asshole that would make someone put something gross in my food. i was a server once, i know to be nice to them. i think i need to stay at home unless i want ebola or something. and why do places offer you something else to eat? yea, i'd like the pork chops and go ahead and see if you can rustle up some hooves back there to throw on top of them. no, dammit you have made me anorexic for the night, or at least until i walk the fuck outta here.


flickrlovr said...

Ewwwwwww! That IS nasty. I always shudder when I find hairs or other things (found a rock in my soup once) in my food. Gross, gross, gross!

I feel for you :(


KimboSue said...

ICK, ICK, ICK! Not only for bat-mania, but also for all the yuckiness you have found in your food! 2 different kinds of bugs - REALLY? I think the most I have found is a hair and glass.


alicia said...

ahhhhhhh!! that is so gross!!! sorry about the bat attack! bats are only good that close to you, if they are the bat man variety, customed with the whole 8 pack thing going on...hmmm. ha ha!

here from ICLW

Cassandra said...

Here from ICLW (you are my last comment to become Iron Commenter!)...
Gross! Your list of "extra ingredients" is horrendous. When I was in 2nd grade, I found a jagged shard of metal in my school lunch macaroni and cheese. It took me a long time to trust mac and cheese after that.

What's worse than the things we find are all of the things we never find! I just try not to think about it and live in ignorance. :)

Ginny said...

Popping in from ICLW. Glad I popped in during a gross post, LOL.

My mom found hairs in that Palmer Chocolate a couple different times, so none of us buy that stuff anymore & I cringe whenever I see it during Easter time.

andrea said...

really, maybe you should just stay home and eat from now on... lol
i have found many a nasty thing in my food too.

and i left you something on my blog

Murgdan said...

*vomiting*....ick. I cannot. Even. Imagine.

I once found a part of a bone in my Taco Bell meat.
The standard occassional restaurant hair.
...nothing that tops your list though.

dmarie said...

Holy batman--that's gross! The other day I found a plastic tab from a bread bag in my sandwich. Never fun finding things that don't belong!