Wednesday, April 1, 2009

39 days

we decided to wait to take another stab (yea, i said 'stab') at IVF until after graduation. it was a hard decision, i am tired of waiting and things coming up. but really, i have 39 days until i graduate. waiting would mean a lot less stress and a lot more free time on my part. it just makes more sense to wait.

i have never been more relieved after we decided to wait. last week i was just in a funk about the whole thing. i'm still so frustrated and mad about the first IVF cycle. this little break will give me time to get over that and get ready for the next one.

my acupuncturist wants me to keep seeing her at least every week. i'm not going this week and don't know when i plan on going back. she really didn't help me much with the last cycle, so maybe i'll just revert back to dancing around my fertility statue*

*i do not dance. i do not have a fertility statue, but if you are looking to get rid of one, feel free to send it my way.