Thursday, September 25, 2008

i bid you adieu..

..for now, my internet friends. while i love nothing more than having a public complaining forum for all the a-holes that invade my airspace, i simply don't have time right now to write about it. this last year of grad school is busy- fall semester alone- 15 credits, 250ish clinical hrs and work makes for no fun for me.

i often sit in morning rounds at the hospital and think of many hilarious things while listening to the douche bag residents, but by the time i get home i am too tired to write about it or have some stupid waste of time paper that i have to work on instead.

so, until we resume our infertility treatments, (which i still have no idea when that will be), or someone has a giant case of asshole-itis, i am taking a blog vacation.

i will catch up with you all again when i return.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

happy anniversary to us

our 5 yr anniversary was sunday, aug. 31st:) we celebrated by going out to eat and buying new bedroom furniture. wahoo! so, hopefully we will have our beautiful furniture and delicious new mattresses in by the end of the month. although, the old dude that sold our mattresses to us, (which by the way are tempur pedic and amazing if i didn't mention!)says to us - "oh, 5 yrs? that's like a lifetime nowadays. well, i hope you have another 9 or 10 yrs." ummmm, what? did he just say he hopes we stay married for another 9 or 10 yrs then get divorced? to us? the cutest couple i have ever seen? ever? on our anniversary? weirdo. i'm going to let it slide and assume the alzheimers kicked in for a few seconds.

and, my husband also got me a super cute light blue and white coach purse that he picked out all by himself and 18 beautiful roses. i am a lucky, lucky girl.

in unrelated news, my friend kindra just found out yesterday that she is having twins! she is going to my old RE and did IVF w/ ICSI #2. so, congrats to her!