Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 weeks, 3 days

just call me barfy mcbarferson.

my second beta was monday, which was 5 weeks on the dot and also the day i started throwing up everything like it was my job.
2nd beta @ 21dp3dt - 11,180. which, coincidentally is how many crunches it feels like i have been doing since monday and the start of my barfing marathon.

other symptoms: continuing tiredness, constipation, dry skin, and week long migraines. i welcome all of these symptoms with open arms, after all, i have waited 3 years to have morning sickness. the migraines on the other hand? they can kiss my ass. i had them before pregnancy so i don't feel like it is one of the "joys" of pregnancy.

i went to acupuncture yesterday for the nausea, vomiting and migraines. i can home and threw up instantly so i doubt that the acupuncture was much help. my husband did get me some sea bands and besides getting a pressure ulcer from the spots on the inside of my wrists, they seem to help some. he also gave me a nice massage that helped dull my migraine. he's the best.

our first u/s is wednesday, july 2.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 weeks, 3 days

or, are you gonna eat that?

symptoms so far:
incredible ability to eat all day long - this has been going on since 2dp3dt though, so i don't think i can really blame pregnancy. probably IVF med/hormone induced.
sore boobs - they feel as though my husband has been using them for a punching bag while a piranha simultaneously chews on my nipples. the PIO shots make them sore as well, so i don't think it's all pregnancy related.
tired - getting worse, but also from the PIO shots. and no caffeine.
bloating - unless i have 20 babies in there, i'm blaming the PIO as well. annoying b/c when will i know when i am really starting to show?
disgusting veiny chest - gag. i look like an anorexic corpse from the boobs up.
crampyness - this has been happening on and off since the retrieval. sometimes they are so bad they wake me up, which i find unsettling. this and the veinyness are the only things that i can completely blame on the pregnancy.

all in all though, i feel great and we are on cloud nine. i'm not complaining about any of the above symptoms, at all. just find them fascinating. after all, our baby is only the size of a poppy seed right now.

we are still so incredibly excited and in disbelief at our pregnancy news, while at the same time trying to be cautious and not get our hopes up too much yet. i love the way my husband kisses my belly and says sweet things to the baby(s) that are in there. i don't ever want this to end.

next beta is on monday the 22nd. the first ultrasound will be the week of the 29th. these next 2 weeks are going to drag by, i can already tell.

Monday, June 15, 2009

what a difference a line makes

late updates:

we went ahead with the retrieval after finding out that i probably only had 5-7 eggs that would be mature enough. ER was 5/29. 8 eggs were retrieved, 6 were mature and 3 fertilized. we did a 3dt on 6/1 and transferred 2 embryo's. one was already starting to compact and one was an 8 cell. both of them looked very good and we were strongly persuaded not to put all 3 embryo's back since they felt the risk of triplets was too high. so, the third embryo grew a few more days and was frozen 5 days after the ER.

beta was today. it was 686. my clinic likes numbers that are >100. i go back next week for another beta and in 2 weeks for our first u/s. i am officially 4 weeks pregnant today!

i don't even know what to think. i have peed on 9 sticks since 6/10 and all of them have been +, so while it wasn't a shock, it was. i felt like i really couldn't say "i'm pregnant" until after the beta. even now, it seems foreign. but a good foreign.

while we are over the moon excited, i also feel some hesitation for this post. it has been 3 years, 5 IUI's, 2 IVF's, 111 injections (and still going), countless tears and prayers. i know all too well that sinking feeling of reading that yet another person is pregnant. especially after recent failed treatments. i know the feelings of rage, jealousy, hopelessness and unfairness that come from reading about another person's BFP.

i hope that soon all of you ttc will get to feel this too.