Wednesday, April 1, 2009

39 days

we decided to wait to take another stab (yea, i said 'stab') at IVF until after graduation. it was a hard decision, i am tired of waiting and things coming up. but really, i have 39 days until i graduate. waiting would mean a lot less stress and a lot more free time on my part. it just makes more sense to wait.

i have never been more relieved after we decided to wait. last week i was just in a funk about the whole thing. i'm still so frustrated and mad about the first IVF cycle. this little break will give me time to get over that and get ready for the next one.

my acupuncturist wants me to keep seeing her at least every week. i'm not going this week and don't know when i plan on going back. she really didn't help me much with the last cycle, so maybe i'll just revert back to dancing around my fertility statue*

*i do not dance. i do not have a fertility statue, but if you are looking to get rid of one, feel free to send it my way.


Beautiful Mess said...

Hey, can I be your fertility statue?! I'll stand there and do whatever fertility statues do and you can dance around me, hell I'll even dance with you! OMG you're graduating!!!!! How exciting...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

c by the sea said...

i think waiting is a good choice. you can focus on graduating and actually celebrate with a few beverages! afterwards, you will be less stressed and be able to refocus on growing a baby.
good luck!

Dagny said...

Good plan. Maybe we will be cycling around the same time. :)


Bottoms Off said...

Hey...we might get to cycle together again...if my cysts go away.

I think focusing on ivf without the stress and craziness of graduation sounds like a good decision.

'Murgdan' said...

I will SO be on the lookout for a Fertility Statue for cycle sister!

JenM said...

Waiting sounds like a good choice. I don't know who you went to see. . .but I believe in my acupuncturist if you want to give her a try!

Misty said...

I hate waiting too! Ugh...watching the days slowly tick by, but I think waiting until you're done with school (because it is so close) sounds like a good plan. Here is to hoping it is a fast 36 days (I'm a little late commenting) followed by two great celebrations.

ecalla said...

I was searching for information on the effects of progesterone suppositories (because I wondered if they caused “meanest person in the world” syndrome) when I found your blog. I love it. Thanks for making me laugh. After trying to get pregnant for 3+ years, it is a rare occurrence. Best of luck with the IVF. Stay strong and sassy!

Kate said...

Hey - I randomly came across your blog via googling "cancelled IVF low E2" or something like that. Love the way you write! I hope you get to celebrate graduating soon, and that the next time on the IVF rollercoaster is more successful.
I just got cancelled Wed for a crap E2 that was creeping up slowly, despite lots of follicles. Don't know what the hell my body's doing. We couldn't even bring ourselves to IUI, figuring if the egg quality is so likely crap (had 2 E2 drops separated by a day or so before it started creeping up again), why should we IUI just to miscarry if we were to get pg, when we can just move on with another IVF cycle.
Good luck with the next round!

Kate said...

Nice to "meet" you! Hope you have a fantastic graduation, and can enjoy a few nice drinks. DH was very sweet as usual and brought me home a Smirnoff Ice the night we got cancelled last week. Not that I wasn't taking the odd slug of his nightly beer anyhow. :) I figure if the 15-year-old who's smoking and drinking can get knocked up, I hopefully don't need to be as pure as the driven snow to have success with IVF. Then again, with one failure under my belt, I may just eat healthier and restart acupuncture before starting stims again.
You must be strong to work in a peds ICU. ICU nurses are always my favourites, since they tend to really know what's going on and know how to react in emergencies. They've saved my bacon many a time when I had my 6 months of ICU a couple years ago. I'm in anesthesia (final exam May 29th, then done training Jun 25th assuming I pass), and loved my peds rotation. I don't know if I could do peds ICU though - at least in adult ICUs you can sort of think that some of them have had a good long life, or that they'd be better off departing this earth (severely injured or multi-organ failure, or the severe dementia). I could rarely do the same for kids, unless they had some awful syndrome or disease that made them completely dependent for care, unable to communicate, or totally miserable.
What'll you do when you've got your Masters?
Congrats again, and I'll keep my eye on your progress too. Let's hope the last awful cycles will have told our REs all they need to know to move on to a stellar success in the next round!
PS. My E2's are in pmol/L (Canadian units) - very unimpressive for what was supposedly growing.