Sunday, January 25, 2009

suck it, company that shall remain nameless

there is a particular cleaner that i am extremely fond of. it's fairly new and my husband and i LOVE it. we originally found it at a grocery store, but they don't carry it anymore. since then i have looked at about 5 different grocery stores and then i finally gave up and emailed the company. i'll be honest and admit that i was hoping that i was charming enough to score some free bottles. you know, for all my time wasted and frustration of not finding it anywhere and whatnot.

not the case. evidently the fine people at this company are a bunch of assholes and do not care that i had a ridiculously hard time finding the said cleaner. here was the first few lines of the response that they sent back to me which, btw, took them 5 days. note to self - enclose picture next time.

"We've all had trouble finding a product at one time or another. This product is available to wholesalers and retailers nationally."

then it goes on and on about how they can't sell directly to me and i should contact all store managers and yadda, yadda, yadda. yea, thanks for nothing. at the end of the email when i was ready to gouge out my eyes there was this gem:

"P.S. If you're a mom who likes learning about new products and sharing your opinions about them, we'd love to hear from you!"

you might be thinking oh no they di'ent! (you know, "didn't", but better) but, i assure you. yes they did. thanks crappy company for reminding me that i am not a mom. and, sure, i'll give you my opinion - you were just upgraded from assholes to donkey fuckers. i hope all of your weiners fall off.


'Murgdan' said...

No. They di'ent.

What? You mean people without kids like to CLEAN.THIER.HOUSES.TOO? Novel. Who would have thought?

Or what they really meant was, "since you're so gawd-damned opinionated and like to complain...maybe we can funnel your efforts into a project that will be useful to us."

JenM said...

How freaking frustrating! You would think somewhere you could at least find information on where their product is available? And yeah, how dare you not be a Mom when you have a question like that?

To A T said...

Ugh!! how irritating... and they just had to get in that final jab didn't they? Grrr!

Mombi said...

Whoa. That burns!

BTW, I think you should call the company by name so that this pops up in their google alerts and they find out what asses they're being.

Dagny said...