Sunday, January 18, 2009

plans and meds

so we met with our RE last monday for the final testing/nurse consultation before starting IVF. we had to sign the same consents again and sit through a 2hr long informative presentation by one of the IVF nurses on how to mix the meds and give the injections. 2 hours. seriously. what. the. fuck. not only are my husband and i both nurses, but i mix life saving medications in the blink of an eye at work. pretty sure i got it covered when i have all the time in the world to figure it out and a dr isn't yelling "where the hell is that epi drip already?!" and, really? the fake cushion to demonstrate a shot? AHHHHH. i mean come on! a painful and wasted 2 hrs. the worst part was she even said "i read that you two are both nurses." read, yes. processed, no.

anywho, we could have started lupron yesterday but i chickened out and my eyes started leaking when the nurse mentioned this in the office. i think we will start sometime in february. i want time to set up w/ the acupuncturist anyway. 3+ shots a day just isn't enough needles for this gal.

the plan so far is:
lupron 10units 1x a day starting on CD 21 until otherwise told to quit.
gonal-f 150units 2x a day starting on CD 3
hcg x1 when my follies are nice and big
progesterone - who the hell knows how much or when yet.
estrogen patches. shit.
i also have a couple of antibiotics and on the plus side, i did score some tylenol w/ codeine. hell to the yeah.

so far this all equals a not fun time for my husband since this concoction is no doubt going to make me ape shit crazy.


'Murgdan' said...

Wow. You totally beat me to the punch. I'm still too chicken to even CALL the RE office to get things started...

Jen said...

Boo for dumbass IVF nurses!
But yay for IVF plans!! Make sure to add a nice dose of valium to the cocktail for the transfer!

JenM said...

So glad you have a plan, and I'm sorry you had to be taught what is probably basics to you. We could have used some kind of special ed type help for all the good DH was with the needles until his private lessons. I'm so excited you guys are getting to the next stage. . .all the cool kids are doing it these days ;)

To A T said...

What an idiot nurse! Wasting 2 hours of your time just so she can show you how to do something you already do... probably better than her!

Glad your plan is off to a good start!

andrea said...

what a waste of time - seiously.
so gald the plans are in the works! and for good drugs ;)

Mombi said...

I'm so excited that you're getting started on this soon... I miss you on the neonestie board!