Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 weeks, 3 days

or, are you gonna eat that?

symptoms so far:
incredible ability to eat all day long - this has been going on since 2dp3dt though, so i don't think i can really blame pregnancy. probably IVF med/hormone induced.
sore boobs - they feel as though my husband has been using them for a punching bag while a piranha simultaneously chews on my nipples. the PIO shots make them sore as well, so i don't think it's all pregnancy related.
tired - getting worse, but also from the PIO shots. and no caffeine.
bloating - unless i have 20 babies in there, i'm blaming the PIO as well. annoying b/c when will i know when i am really starting to show?
disgusting veiny chest - gag. i look like an anorexic corpse from the boobs up.
crampyness - this has been happening on and off since the retrieval. sometimes they are so bad they wake me up, which i find unsettling. this and the veinyness are the only things that i can completely blame on the pregnancy.

all in all though, i feel great and we are on cloud nine. i'm not complaining about any of the above symptoms, at all. just find them fascinating. after all, our baby is only the size of a poppy seed right now.

we are still so incredibly excited and in disbelief at our pregnancy news, while at the same time trying to be cautious and not get our hopes up too much yet. i love the way my husband kisses my belly and says sweet things to the baby(s) that are in there. i don't ever want this to end.

next beta is on monday the 22nd. the first ultrasound will be the week of the 29th. these next 2 weeks are going to drag by, i can already tell.


Beautiful Mess said...

Oh the veins! Aren't they SO hot! Makes you want to take a pic and send it to Hustler, no? My husband got SO carried away with my breasts, I had to smack him many times. Hoping the next two weeks fly by!

Marie said...

EEEEEEK! The fist week of morning sickness will be assuring and then you will be over it and want to bitch. Bitch away my friend! We all know you are elated no matter what.

I can't wait to hear more.

Jen said...

I was so bloated until about 11 or 12 weeks. Then I had two weeks where I felt "skinny" and then it seemed like I started to show.

Kate said...

I'm glad you have symptoms to reassure you at least!
Hope you get great news at your next beta and at your ultrasound.

Tina said...

Pregnancy symptoms - the good, bad, and ugly (hahaha!!!!).

I am still thinking of y'all! Can't wait to hear about the rising betas and your ultrasound! It will be here before you know it!


Mombi said...

I love it. I absolutely love it.

My stomach immediately became a black hole and it hasn't gone away yet. Good luck!

To A T said...

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!! I am so behind on the congratulations!!!

My boobs are STILL like a road map at 24wks :( It still creeps me out when I look in the mirror!