Thursday, November 20, 2008

to stim or not to stim

a couple of weeks ago i thought i had our whole infertile plan (re)-figured out. i got a really bad case of the "i-need-to-try-IVF-now-to-know-if-it-will-work-or-not-or-i-will-have-to-throw-myself-in-front-of-a-bus." i counted out my cycle days no less than 1,467,238 times and concluded that we could fit in a IVF in december right before Christmas. i mean, our deductible was met w/ insurance for the year, so why not, right?

it sounded right and i was so excited for about 10 minutes. then my fear of not finding a job after i graduate in may set in. and something that i found extremely annoying was that the RE that i go to, who is a large practice w/ many RE's, closes the office the entire week of Christmas and new years. wtf is that all about? long story short, we decided to wait until april-may for sure. for sure. i mean it this time. april-may, that's our time. really.

unless i decide to change my mind again because i am impatient. and crazed.

so, i suppose that our decision to wait should make me less fertile-intolerant? i think the first test that i failed was hearing that the pregnant man, who everyone knows is really a woman, is pregnant again. really? i mean (s)he just had a baby in june. and again? now? pregnant? i get it, everyone has the right to start a family, and blah blah blah, but really? i find it as annoying as those fertile superstars, the duggars. it's not so much the fact that (s)he is pregnant again, it's more the fact that i have to see this bearded lady all pregnant again. and, if i'm being honest? it kinda creeps me out. and, i can't even be held accountable for what i might be capable of if i hear anymore about his mangina or duderus.


Marie said...

I started to do a post on (s)he the other day and chickened out. Yay for you doing it.

I had one of these days last week. I actually typed they should rip his nu... and then I erased.

We were supposed to go to the RE last month and I cancelled. I am waiting. Why? I don't know.

'Murgdan' said...

Shoot yeah--a damn 'man' got pregnant twice while I've been trying. Bullshit.

I, too, am waiting.

...and by the WILL find a job!

Jen said...

Nothing will make you less fertile intolerant. :) Plus, hating is part of your charm.

emilythehopeless said...

totally agree. if you were born with a uterus.. you are a woman. it's not like the baby is going to be birthed from a penis.. that would be noteworthy.

good luck with the wait..

kissdznuts said...
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kissdznuts said...

emilythehopeless said..."it's not like the baby is going to be birthed from a penis.. that would be noteworthy."

I'm pretty sure my sack could carry a small infant, but I don't think the urethra tube is up to the berthing part.


JenM said...

Even with my status of fertile goddess (or faux fertile as the case may be) I hate the Duggars for their fertility smugness and the man who is not really quite a man who is pregnant again. It is okay to hate them. Please continue.

And how annoying that they are closed during those two weeks? You're kidding??