Wednesday, March 25, 2009


while i was not planning on poas today, i had to in order to know if i needed to stop the progesterone suppositories or not because lets face it - anything that has "suppository" in the name is not fun. and, like i figured, it was a BFN.

disappointed? yes.
surprised? not at all.

i talked to the IVF nurse and she said to call the office when af comes and i decide when we will be doing the next round of IVF so we can set up the baseline u/s and b/w. i still haven't decided if it will be april or may.

on the bright side, if we wait until may i can get rip-roaring drunk after my last final before graduation and eat all the sushi and soft cheese i want until then.

that's all i got today. over and out.


Dagny said...

I'm very sorry. :(

It always hurts. STupid IF. HAte it.

Glad you are looking at the things you CAN do now, that always helps me too.


Cat said...

Oh crap, I'm so sorry this didn't work for you. I was hoping the OHSS was a good sign, but apparently it was just OHSS. Darnit.

Looking at the bright side always helped me, too. Like stopping the suppositories or shots, being able to eat and drink anything with only the occasional worry about my liver, etc.

Take good care of yourself, however much booze, sushi, and soft cheese it takes.

Beautiful Mess said...

I'm so sorry hon! As much as I'm sure you don't want to wait, maybe a drunken night of sushi and soft cheese is in order? I wish I could come drink with you! We'd get into ALL kinds of trouble ;o)

c by the sea said...

so sorry about your bfn.

i will cheers to you while i am drinking some wine later to celebrate my own bfn, probably with some brie and bread.

Mombi said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry, Tiffanie. Lots of hugs.

BTW, I miss you on the neonesties...

Mombi said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry, Tiffanie. Huge hugs your way.

BTW, I miss you on the neonesties.

To A T said...

Damn! Sorry it was a BFN :(

'Murgdan' said...

Sorry, Dammit. ARRGHHH this stuff sucks.

JenM said...

BFN's suck hard core. I'm sorry Tiffanie. Break out the alcohol and the soft cheeses now if you want - you deserve it!

Misty said...

Damn! That sucks and I'm really sad for you. Rip roaring drunk always made me feel a little better after all of my BFNs.