Thursday, May 21, 2009

IVF #2, take 2

a lot has been going on since my last post.

-i graduated. (pics to be posted if i ever get un-lazy)
-i've been doing things around the house that i have neglected to do for the last 2 yrs while in school.
-i am constantly searching for jobs. turns out, there's not much to choose from right now. just super.
-we started meds for IVF #2 3 days ago as follows:
AM: 20 units micro dose lupron and 225 units gonal-f
PM: 20 units micro dose lupron and 225 units menopur.

they suck. a lot. i have a constant headache, some hot flashes, more rage fits than i remember having last time and of course bloating. it's fine though. i know we are lucky to be able to try this, so i'm not even close to complaining.

my baseline u/s and b/w were monday. i wanted to kick my own ass for even going back to the RE when the u/s lady asked me "so, did we get lucky?!" to which i said "we didn't get anything. if you'll notice, you are doing a CD 2 u/s on me. but hey, it's just a minor detail, right?" i thought about being extra pissed from that point on, but then she quickly corrected herself and asked if we were changing the meds around and reassured me that they often see better results when they put patients with a poor response on the protocol that i am now on. she also said that i have nice antral follicles that are like "ladies in waiting." corny, but it made me smile. my E2 level was 9. i go back tomorrow for my first monitoring appt. hopefully my lazy ovaries are done being stubborn and get their shit together.


c by the sea said...

good luck this cycle! i hope the change in meds is just what you need. sucks about the side effects, but i hope it will all be worth it :)

Megan said...

I'm going in tomorrow for first monitoring. Good God, let us get to retrieval this time!!!

Congrats on graduation.

Dagny said...

*wake up ovaries!!!!!!!*

Hope that helps. ;)


'Murgdan' said...

Good luck to you and your ladies in waiting. ;-) Sounds good!

Misty said...

Congrats on graduation and getting started for you IVF cycle. By far the hot flashes have been my favor part of the meds. Super good times. Glad the u/s tech redeemed herself. People at the RE office can be such asses. Wishing you tons of luck!

JenM said...

You should have kicked the u/s tech.

Boo for side effects, but I hope the change is what you need this time around.

Jill said...

I really hope this cycle works for you... Did you seriously say that to her, or did you just think it? Because if you really said it, you effing rock!

Tiffanie said...

oh yes, jill, i sure as shit said that to the u/s tech. because that shit pisses me off! look at my chart before you open your mouth lady! i mean, come on!

Beautiful Mess said...

YAAAAAAAAY you graduated! Congrats, hon! Please get un-lazy, I wanna see pics...pretty pretty please, with lots of sugar on top? Sending stern thoughts and looks to your ovaries. Know your role, bitches!

To A T said...

Congrats on graduating! ;-)

Comg on ovaries! Get in the game!

Mombi said...

Hey there! Congrats on graduation--keep us posted on IVF!

The nesties miss you.


Marie said...

thinking positive thoughts for you missy!