Sunday, August 2, 2009

11 weeks, hello again

i haven't really been sure what to do with this blog lately. i started it when i was in grad school, but mainly because of our infertility issues as a way to vent, learn and meet people that are going thru similar situations as a means of giving and receiving support.

i have since graduated and am now 11 weeks pregnant. so, where to go from here? continue writing on it, but now use it as a pregnancy blog? with that it is inevitable that some of you will quit reading. i am guilty of the same thing. when we were getting BFN's month after month the last thing i wanted to do was read someone's blog about pregnancy. so, we'll see. my writing may be sporadic or every week. time will tell.

so far, things are going good. we have 1 baby snuggled in. tomorrow we go for our 3rd u/s. this one is to look for any genetic abnormalities, ie Down's, etc. the pregnancy itself? i have been throwing up numerous times most days since week 5, have heartburn, back and abdominal cramps and the inability to sleep even though i'm exhausted. these are not complaints by any means, i know how incredibly lucky we are. just the symptoms that i am having. so please, no emails/comments about what an ungrateful bitch i am. also? don't criticize how i write or what you think i am feeling, especially if you are not and have never dealt with IF. don't read my blog if you don't 'get' me. mmmkay?

i can't think of a clever segway here, so i'll just switch gears. i had an impromptu dr's appt at 8weeks, 4days for some pretty fierce cramping. after the u/s and everything being ok w/ the baby my dr. decided to just go ahead and do 10week appt business which involved blood work, weight check and full exam.

i don't know about most of you, but with all of my other full exams (not w/ this particular dr.) i have had to take off everything and put the stupid paper gown on "open to the front." this dude rolls a different way. he had me take everything off from the waist down, unbutton my shirt and loosen my bra. the latter i did not do until he came in the room b/c i really wasn't sure that i had heard him right and didn't want to sit there looking like an asshole like i did at the acupuncturist. anyway, that made it worse b/c he did in fact want all of that done and i had to do it w/ him standing there in the room. then i had to crank my shirt and bra up by my head so he could do my breast exam. he is quick, though, i'll give him that. he was done doing the breast exam and down doing the pap before i could even get re-situated. so, for the pap portion i layed there - with my legs in the air, shirt over my face, bra strangling me and hair a mess. i felt like it was prom all over again, except way less fun.

note to self. send anonymous letter outlining less embarrassing ways to conduct full exams. include diagram, or, if barfing ceases long enough, real stick figure's and barbie clothes to ensure complete understanding.

how have you all been? i've missed you.


edie & ella said...

I hope you continue your blog...I will definately keep reading. After all you have been through it would be nice to see the adorable baby. SAM

'Murgdan' said...

"i felt like it was prom all over again, except way less fun."


And as for your blog, write whatever the hell you want. The people I like, er, 'get', I keep reading no matter what.

Of course, if pregnancy causes you to morph into the kind of writer who makes entire blog entries that read:
"12weeks1day: Dear Blog, Today I feel nauseated. I slept 12 hours. I have no energy. Can't think of anything to write. Must be pregnancy brain. LOL. Bye."...I may think twice.

But seriously...11 weeks! Yay!

Beautiful Mess said...

YAY for 11 weeks! Glad you updated. UHG sorry about the morning sickness and cramps. That is NO fun, but then again it is. Ya know?

I, personally, don't think you should censor yourself for anyone. I think you should write for you. I will read no matter what. Well unless you start saying "Beautiful Mess is an email stalker and I wish she would leave me the hell alone" Then I'll totally leave you alone ;o)

Kathyrn said...

To be honest, I have not kept up with your blog because of work/school/wedding and so on. You know how it goes...

Anyhow, I was just reading through your posts, and while I was already so excited for you, I am even more now. I think you totally get the right to vent about the yucky symptoms - just because it was harder for you to get pregnant, does not mean that you do not get to enjoy a few months of people going out of their way to help you out - that's the best part of being pregnant. So whine and enjoy the sympathy...and F- all the people who talk shit, who needs 'em.

BTW - I think you're prom was slightly more exciting than mine. I would have liked to have been at your prom!

YAY for prego, I'm so happy for you!

Marie said...

I plan to continue reading and laughing!

Tina said...

I am not going anywhere either!! What a dr visit! I don't know if I have ever been able to compare one with prom night - too funny!

strongblonde said...

lurked for awhile. :) thought i would let you know how excited i am for you. and that i totally agree with the other girls. people don't have to read if they don't want to!!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is hilarious and hopeful. I have had 4 IUIs followed by canceled IVF converted to a 5th IUI. Your pregnancy gives me hope and the ability to say I can do it all over again. I am so happy for you that you are pregnant and you have heard your baby's healthy heartbeat. Do not feel guilty for your good news. Rejoice.