Friday, June 13, 2008

2 hott 2 handle

ok, for the last 3 weeks i have sat silently on tuesdays and thursdays and secretly amused myself by reading a girl in my stats class' t-shirt for the day. i even went as far as to get there early so i can see it when she walks in so i don't miss it, which is apparently what happened the first day of class. so you can get the full visual she is in her mid 30's, about 5'0 and i'm not going to guess her weight but she could definitely benefit from a butts and guts class. anyway, i've been writing them down and here is a sampling of why i probably didn't do so well on my midterm today:
1. 2 hott 2 handle
2. don't give me attitude, i already have one
3. is there anything else i can ignore you (rest was missed due to fat rolls eating her shirt)
4. pimpin'
5. milf
6. brunette bombshell
7. sexy can i? (i'm pretty sure she made this one with her be-dazzler and puff paint)

i took the liberty of ordering her a few more shirts that i think are more fitting:
1. chunky ass ho
2. b. spears' much older sister
3. pirate hooker
4. filthy mcnasty

*and no, this is not the "eyelashes" girl. it's a class full of fashion misfits.


Jen said...

I always find that people who wear shirts with words like that are always the opposite of whatever the shirt says.

We should start a "get real" t-shirt line with all of your sayings. That's how we'd make our millions.

Jill said...

hmmm either she has a lot of confidence, or she's wearing the shirts to make people BELIEVE she has a lot of confidence, or she's in denial. Either way, not so cool.

P.S. I HATED stats.

Shereen said...

Disgusting. I can't even stand when ANYONE wears shirts like those! Trashy! And btw - thanks for lookin out with the spell check. I suck.

andrea said...

i bet she repeats those phrases in the mirror to herself in the am when she gets dressed - all sassy like.


Kristin said...

I think you should totally market the Pirate Hooker one.

I think you should also market a "Klassy" shirt! Give them out to the Klassiest people you come across. I hate those shirts too!

Shan said...

your stats teacher would be so proud of this blog. you are so freaking hilarious. the blog above is right...we should make a t-shirt out of your blogs and make millions.