Wednesday, June 4, 2008

see if you can guess the worst part of my day....

was it:

1.) hitting snooze a zillion times until i was waaaay late in getting up

2.) being so late that i only have time to shower, not also wash my hair

3.) having to do research clinicals today at the homeless shelter where
a.) it was very unorganized and chaotic
b.) we were doing dental checks
c.) on homeless women and kids

4.) we only got 15 min to cram down our lunch

5.) after said terrible ordeal i went to the mall w/ a friend who just had to go to baby gap and gymboree. she has no kids. neither do i. she is not infertile. i am.

if you guessed #5 you are fucking brilliant. it was shitloads of fun. shitloads. i resisted the urge to buy things for our baby that we may or may not get to meet; mainly a bundle of the cutest g-damn onsies i have ever seen at gymboree. there were 7 of them with cute things on the front like 'sprout,' 'monkey,' and i can't remember what hell else, but under the words was a corresponding cute little embroidered picture. cutest.thing.ever. i stopped buying things a long time ago and now it is all packed away in the closest, otherwise i would have forked over the nearly $60.00 in a second. i did manage to tear up like a dickhead though. yay me.

on a side note - who the fuck eats with a paper napkin tucked into the top of their shirt? really, who? and, for the record, this crazy hoe was not eating crab legs.


Jen said...

Nice friend. Maybe next she can take you to a Mommy & Me yoga class or something. Just to check it out.

andrea said...

um who doesn't eat with a napkin in their shirt... ;) lol

why oh why would your friend do such things to you? ugh. maybe she should have just handed over the fork so you could jab it in your eyes too....