Friday, June 6, 2008

i heart our new RE

we ended up switching RE's for insurance reasons. i was a little sad at first because i really liked my old one, but i am over that now. in fact, what was his name again?!

we met with the new one, Dr. Goldfarb, yesterday. he was actually my first choice anyway. i went w/ the other one at the last minute because his office was closer to work and school and more convenient. anyhoodle, he is very nice and sat w/ us for an hour explaining things and answering questions. he gave us a 50-60% chance of success with IVF, so that's exciting. i was worried that i wouldn't be sedated well enough for the egg retrieval/transfer because i have heard more than 1 (ok, 3) horror stories of being awake for the brutality of it. i do not wish to remember the gang-banging with 4 metal skewers and sponges as my friend jennepper does. he assured me that i would have a lovely mix of fentanyl, versed and propofol. sounds delicious to me! he even knew that we were nurses! it's not that i care that he knows that, it's the fact that he obviously reviewed everything in our chart and took time to pay attention to things other than infertile-ness.

so, all in all it was a good day. he's been doing this a long time and i'm a little less anxious now. i just wish we could get this show on the road. we are still planning on waiting until late spring/summer for the IVF.

*he did actually say to us "who knows, maybe you'll get pregnant on your own before you have to come back and see me." i said "really? even after we've been off of birth control for 4.5 yrs?! ya think?!" he then says "oh, ok, well maybe not as much of a chance after all." yea, that's what i thought. he's lucky i didn't go banana's on his ass and tip his desk over and throw some chairs around while foaming at the mouth. but, i contained myself b/c obviously we need him more than he needs us.


Shereen said...

YAY! I'm glad you liked Dr. Goldfarb.

Jen said...

I was like that, too - I was all sad to leave Dr. Nash. But I love Dr. Goldfarb so much more I couldn't imagine going back to Nash now.
Yay for an awesome appointment!

andrea said...

propofol... lovely!

glad you had a good appt!