Saturday, March 7, 2009

my acupuncturist thinks i'm easy

so i went to my first acupuncture appt a couple of days ago. the lady was really nice. kinda earthy. i liked her, but fully expected her to bust out with some incense and feathers and do a jig around me. she was very thorough and asked a lot of good questions about my health in general and our infertility history. after the interview, pulse checking and tongue inspecting she told me to get undressed down to my bra and underwear and put on a gown that opens to the back.

so, let me take this time to explain that i have not been to a dr for anything the last 3 yrs other than the RE and my once yearly appt with my general dr for my Rx refill for migraine meds. meaning, every time i have been to the dr in the last 3 yrs with the exception of 2 visits, i have had to disrobe from the waist down. everything off, pants, underwear, you get it.

i clearly was not paying attention to what i was doing. i saw the exam table, the paper covering and did what i always do. everything off from the waste down. at the last minute i remembered to put my underwear back on and was in the middle of doing that when she came in. i think she either thinks i am mentally challenged, a giant perv or super easy. she mumbled something about "oh. those can stay on honey" and went about her business. ahhhh. i felt like an asshole. sorry, acupuncture lady. i will try harder to keep my lady bits under control and under wraps from now on.

as far as my dr's appt on friday - i had 5 follicles on the left and 3 follicles on the right all measuring between 10mm and 13mm with some smaller follicles that are lagging behind. my E2 level was up to 275. it still doesn't sound that great to me, but they are keeping me on the same dosage of gonal-f and lupron and will see me again on monday. they have stopped telling me a prospective ER day.


Beautiful Mess said...

Oops! I'm sorry they stopped telling you a date. That sucks! I'm rooting for ya! (((HUGS)))

JenM said...

Oops! Eh, I wouldn't worry, I'm sure she's seen worse :-) I hope your follies start cooperating, don't they know who you're messing with?

JenM said...

That should say, "don't they know who THEY'RE messing with." Sorry!