Saturday, May 10, 2008


so, i was tagged by someone to do this. here goes:

4 Things I Did 10 Years Ago (1998)

1. partied like a rock star. finished my first year of college after managing to not go to class ever, because no one actually makes you, or go only to take a nap. finished the year w/ straight c-'s and d+'s. wicked excited that i didn't fail anything. found out following year that indeed i did fail everything as the college of nursing does not accept anything less than a c. retake ALL classes except university orientation.

2. move into 1st appt with roommate from the dorms, college boyfriend and some squirley random guy b/c our 4th roomie dropped out of school to follow bands around. back then it was cool to live with strangers. i swear.

3. worked at a psychiatric institution where i got my ass beat on a nearly daily basis by those crazy fuckers. i had the brilliant idea of working 16hrs a day for 7 days straight in the summer - then i could have off for a whole week. this was in fact not awesome, at all. who's the asshole that approved that? with my warped sense of humor and in my delirium one morning my friend melanie and i dressed all the patients in clothes that clashed badly for breakfast. i am a terrible person.

4. buried my friend shallay.

4 Things I Did 5 Years Ago (2003)

1. graduated college in may with my RN, BSN after 6 long years of trying out every major that the university offered. and, as mentioned above, retaking my entire 1st year. whatev.

2. future husband and i bought a house and move in in june, but have to keep in on the DL or else minister won't marry us. sorry God.

3. took RN boards in july and actually passed the first time. got first real job. around alot of narcotics. am in heaven.

4. married my love in august after dating 4 yrs. got back from honeymoon and got our first dog, kayla.

4 Things I Did Yesterday

1. harassed my theory instructor to give me those 10 damn points that i deserve for an assignment that i clearly did as evidenced by my electronic record that she and i both have b/c even though it is theory, i want my f-ing A. not a shitty A-, an A, like all my other grades this semester. so give it up already.

2. worked and really did not enjoy myself. at all.

3. ate a barfy sandwich that my husband brought home trying to be sweet. advice - stay away from a sandwich that has turkey, bacon and guacamole on it. super barf. the best part was that i had enough for 2 meals. great. ate eraser and styrofoam cup at work instead of rest of sandwich. sorry starving kids in Ethiopia.

4. went to breakfast w/ work friends after work. extremely sad that wally waffle does not serve alcohol with waffles. wtf? how can you be so close to 4 major hospitals and not serve alcohol at all hours?

4 Shows I Love to Watch

1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. holy shit i love this show. i laugh immediately when i hear the theme song or see previews for it. fav episode - "million dollar baby" where dee wants to learn how to be a boxer to protect herself and starts having roid rages from her steroids that charlie is also stealing. f-ing brilliant.

2. Lost. i look forward to weekly viewings of this show. love sayid and jack. i often wish i was on that oceanic flight 815 as the island seems to cure everything from infertility to paralysis and even death. it would probably be in vain though as i would surely die from the smoke monster, polar bear, or random people that like to shoot the survivors. back to plan B for infertility.

3. Talk Soup/Best Week Ever. any show that makes fun of people is ok in my book. i watch religiously. slightly upset though as i recently noticed that joel mchale is going bald. yuck. not a fan of the baldies, unless they shave it, then sometimes it's ok. but, joel has been deceiving me for years. he has such a beautiful coifed mane from the front view, then he turns around and it's all very bad news. sigh.

4. Survivor. i can't help it. i love this show. i want it to stay on until i die, with only jeff probst hosting. i love him and his dimples and tacky "outback/survivor" attire that he wears. i am disappointed thought that the contestants don't lose nearly as much weight as in the first couple of seasons. remember the good old days when everyone was down to 70lbs and their hair was falling out? i was so jealous, not so much of the missing hair, more of the weight loss. it makes me warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. buck up survivor.

4 Things I Love

1. making a "love nest" on our living room floor with all the pillows and blankets we own. we lay there and eat, drink and watch tv w/ our dogs. it's fabulous.

2. spend time with my grandma. she is amazing.

3. cook/eat food. love food. i'm a pretty good cook and love to do it, but i also love to go out to eat.

4. go on vacation, eat like a glutton and drink like i need pink slipped to the betty ford clinic. grad school is seriously cramping my vacation style b/c i am so freaking busy.

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Shereen said...

Hey! Love your blog and I also LOVE It's Always Sunny. That show is tooo funny. Miss you! Hope we get to work together again before I move.