Wednesday, May 28, 2008

no, you were not slipped some acid, or a roofy -

don't worry, i'm not keeping this atrocity that has become my template. it's late and i was trying to change it up a little. consider this one out of the running as i have an overwhelming urge to either fill a pool with dippin' dots and then roll around in them or go buy a disco ball every time i look at my blog. barf. enjoy til i change at my next posting. take some dramamine if you'll be here long.

on a side note ~

PSA - stop wearing fake eyelashes everyday.
that means you, girl in my statistics class. unless you are wearing pasties under your shirt or are a stand in prom queen, every tuesday and thursday, quit. really - between that and the heavy black eyeliner you look as though 2 porcupines are dueling it out on your face. it's all i can do to fight the urge to hurl my shoe at your head. at least taking off the faux eyelashes will eliminate one of the reasons i'd like to throw things at you. thank you.

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Anonymous said...

A comment on your previous post... I wish to God I could avoid baby showers. If all of my friends and of course, my sister-in-law, would NOT be pg, this may be easier. Instead, I have to plaster a f---g fake smile on my face for several hours as I attend or even, gulp, HOST the damn shower. That has truly been one of the hardest things about IF... watching every one of my friends get pg. It's tough coming up with excuses why sometimes I don't want to go & visit and coo over their new baby. Of course, sometimes you have to do it so you don't look like a complete asshole, but it's really hard at times. It really depends on my mood that day, if I'm in the middle of hormones, how optimistic or depressed I feel that day, etc.
Well, just wanted to share my opinion on that... I'll check back soon!