Monday, May 26, 2008

top 2 things i'd prefer to avoid, like the plague -

1. baby showers (obviously)
2. children's b-day parties
~these will be # 14 and 15, of my ongoing list~

the latter didn't bother me so much until the beginning of the year. it's bad enough that i am around kids all damn day at work and school, but then to have to spend my free time with them too? not generally something i look forward to unless there is alcohol involved. and this party had none. wtf? no alcohol at a child's b-day party? lame!

yesterday we went to the b-day party of a cousin's little girl. she's 5 and had a ton of other kids there, including some under 1yr old. i probably would have been ok, having learned my lesson at the last baby's b-day party i was at which was:

*don't stand too close to the adorable baby smashing it's b-day cake all around or it will cause you to erupt into ridiculous amounts of tears that once started are hard to stop b/c it is another reminder that maybe one day you'll have a baby of your own to watch smash it's cake, but maybe you won't.*

so, i stood far enough back and half heartedly sang and the day would have been semi-tolerable had i not welled up w/ tears on approximately 6 other occasions. the first incident was when i saw the look on my husband's face when talking to a baby. such a genuinely sweet look comes across his face. i've seen that look many times, but only when there is a baby or small child in sight. nothing i can do brings that look and i'm afraid it will always be this way. so, once i start the water works, it's easier for them to keep coming. luckily though i didn't have to run and hide to pull myself together. i resorted to texting my very adorable and very snarky friend, jk, and all was good again.

one plus of the day was that since i didn't know many people at the party i only had to endure one question of 'how's the IF treatment going, or when are you having kids' it was more of a "how is everything going?" question with a sad face and head turned to the side with a nod. which, i completely ignored what they were really asking and yammered on about work, school, how quickly grass seems to grow, etc.

and, yes, i am aware this is completely ridiculous, but it is what it is.


andrea said...

sometimes its nice being places where 'nobdody knows' things.

hope the semester ended well!!

Jen said...

Stupid kids with their stupid adorableness. Stupid.
Hope your brownie dinner made you feel a little better.

Jill said...

I probably could have written that post about the birthday party, since I attended one VERY similar recently and had some VERY similar reactions. You're not alone!