Sunday, April 27, 2008

apparently i've been dumped

today is some 27ish odd days since my last IUI. i did not call my RE with the arrival of af. i have been planning to break-up on the sly with him and switch to a new RE in preparation of IVF (insurance reasons), but it appears that he showed me. the office hasn't even called to see where i am or if i am dead. and, yes, i am that important that they should be inquiring about my whereabouts. especially since i called his house at midnight-thirty with this last cycle because i was sure that i was dying, or at the very least both of my ovaries were going to explode and i would have covered my poor patient in disgusting hail of ovary juice. oh well, thanks for nothing. i'd like to say it's been a great 8 months, but it really hasn't. i certainly won't miss your scorching lube that regularly burns off the first few layers of my epidermis.

now i really need to get this damn paperwork done for the new dr. will someone please finish my last 2 papers for the semester? i'll give you my firstborn child. (but you should know that i am not good at getting knocked up and you may end up w/ the short end of the deal.)

just kidding, i will be keeping any offspring should we ever have any. unless they are ugly, then maybe we can talk.


Jen said...

Dr. Nash is a total heart breaker.

Mombi said...

Does that make your new RE your "Rebound RE?"