Thursday, April 24, 2008

the growing epidemic

i would like to address the growing epidemic of people and their wearing of rubber shoes, and more specifically, crocs. wtf people, wtf? i would like to personally ban any form of this shoe as it really serves no purpose other than to promote absolute laziness in picking the appropriate foot apparel. no one in their right mind should be wearing this shoe anywhere; not in the hospital when dealing with icky bodily fluids, not outside, not to the mall, not to dinner, etc. are flip-flops or sandals really too constricting for your comfort? do you just have an unquenchable desire to rock some shoes in a color that not even cindy lauper would wear? is the casualness that matthew mcconaughey exudes that appealing to you? are you just a straight up lazy dick head? and what is with the gems that you can add to the holes in the shoes? are you kidding me?

and, who in their right mind studies while on the crapper at school? i walked in to go #1 and in the stall right beside me was some weirdo with her notebook on the floor. huh? i like to make it a habit to save any kind of bathroom business that takes more than 1.5 min for my house, but on the rare occasion when it cannot be helped, i certainly don't bust out my notebook and bring a sandwich.

*sorry erin. i still like you even though you wear rubber shoes. but, that is strike 1.


Jen said...

I hate Crocs. But I do find Matthew McConaughey's casualness to be very attractive.

I have bad news for you... I got my May InStyle, and apparently JELLY shoes are back this summer! Jelly shoes. Just saying it makes me feel like I need to take a shower.

JennJenn said...

It's not surprising to me that we share the same hatred for said foot coverings. Last time I checked, I didn't find it hella hot to have spraying titty-gizz, flying mucous plugs, or dripping crotch-rot landing on the devices on your feet, placed there to protect. Well, I suppose if you glam 'em up with purple and pink pretties, you'll be fine, right?