Monday, April 28, 2008

fun things i got to do in clinical last night

for those of you who don't know, i am currently doing clinicals in a pediatric ER.

1. i got to put a 2yr old's elbow back into place after the dad accidentally pulled her arm causing a radial subluxation (dislocated it). while it was very exciting, i'd say it was slightly less exciting than putting a shoulder back into place. if you go by ER that is on thurs nights, anyway.

2. since i get to write orders i took advantage of it. this was by far the one that really showed my knowledge and how far i have come as a PNP student.
'4.27.08 2230 ~ D/C camel toe STAT' which was written concerning a physician i was working with last night. the NP and RN i was working with found my assessment skills impeccable.

3. spent 45 min trying to convince an 13 y.o girl (that was crying and carrying on like she just found out miley cyrus cancelled her stupid show) to just take her g-damn medicine so she can get the hell out of my room b/c the ER is backed the fuck up. oh, and it will help w/ her wicked contact dermatitis/who-knows-what-kind-of-rash she got from swimming in a sewer.

and, yes, in just 2 short semesters i may be taking care of your children.

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