Wednesday, April 16, 2008

it's just how i roll

originally this blog was going to be on infertiliy, but just this month we decided to take a break from treatments. so, it'll be a little about infertility right now and more about things i hate that make me bat-shit-crazy.

a few of the above mentioned things:
1. black olives
2. joey from real world hollywood
3. capitaling shit when using any form of computer
4. rachel ray
5. hallmark movies
6. imitation's like "wal-dryl." wtf?
7. purple socks
8. the word "moist"

about infertility - we've been actively ttc for what is now our 24th cycle. i just rec'd my "book" of papers to fill out since we are switching RE's for IVF. that's what my night will be filled with.

*disclaimer. i am technology of any kind retarded. this is in fact my first attempt at blogging. forgive me if my shit is all jacked up while figuring out how this works:)


jenn said...

You freakin' crack me up, yo! I'm about to down some watermelon Three Olives vodka and start my damn paper~~talk about WTF?!?

Tiffanie said...

where's my invite, you know, since i'm back on the alcohol bandwagon and all. good luck on that shitty paper. i think i'll continue to procrastinate and wait until next week.

Mary M said...

Hi Tiff, your the only person I know who has a "blog". I'm so old.
Congratulations on (soon to be)your PNP. You are still so beautiful. Sorry to hear of the infertility issues. I'll keep you in my prayers. Miss you,

Mombi said...

Oh my god! Someone else who hates the word, "moist" as much as I do!!! I'm so excited to have a comrade!